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Starters and Alternators

PBS Truck Parts is committed to getting you the highest quality in starters and alternators, which is why we are proud to offer you a selection of both Leece Neville and Delco Remy, leaders in the OE and the aftermarket. Built to the highest standards, and backed by a 1 year warranty, all of your heavy duty, RV, as well as medium and light duty applications are covered.


We are proud to offer a wide selection of Delco Remy starters, both new and remanufactured. Delco Remy builds the highest of quality for both the OE and for the aftermarket, and backs their product with a 1 year warranty. As the applications can change greatly, please be sure to bring a sample of the product you are needing, (which you can also use to cover your core for remanufactured products) or a part number from either the dealer or the tag located on the starter. PBS truck parts can also upgrade you to the new 39MT gear reduced starters, to get your truck started even more quickly. 


We also offer a wide selection of both Delco Remy, and Leece Neville alternators. Built by two of the best in the electrical charging business, and backed by a 1 year warranty, you can trust that your vehicle will have the power it needs to run and keep charged. Be aware that there is a core on any remanufactured alternators, so be prepared for a core charge in the event that you do not have one with you (fully refundable with the return of the core).

We are also a supplier of Denso Products to fill your Medium-Duty and Agricultural needs.

Ask us about the new high-output alternators. With the new demands from on board electronics and appliances, you might need to change to a more powerful version.